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Into Your Life!!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, The Happy Gang is Closed.
All of our Activities are in a Shut Down Mode.

Check Back for Updates – Thank You!

Seniors – Anyone that was born before 1946 is now eligible for the vacine.
It may be a little difficult to book right now, but keep trying.

Choices – – 811 – 403-361-7200 

Good Luck Everyone, Stay Safe and Healthy and hopefully we can return soon.

Alberta has announced that anyone over the age of 40 will be able to receive the Astra Zenica vaccine. If you know anyone who might qualify or be interested, please have them check.

Our Many Activities Include:

Pool/Billiards * Card Games * Fitness Classes * Dancing * Yoga * Mah Jong * Pot Luck Dinners * Celebrations

We Are Also Open To Any Suggestions For New Activities!

Our Membership Fees For This Year Are Only $20.00 per Year

There will be no drop ins.