How The Return Will Be Handled

As soon as we receive direction, this page will be updated

Each group will be considered a Cohort Group.

A Cohort Group is a group of members who attend an activity together on a regular basis. – Definition by the Strathmore Health Unit

Cohort Group members are considered safe within their group and will be placed on a list that includes their name and phone number. They must be checked in on the list every time they attend. This will be done by the activity leader or a designated assistant. They will be considered safe as they have complied with the Covid 19 process. 

Masks will be recommended but not absolutely required.

When members receive their Membership Card, they must read and initial the disclaimer that states they are in good health and they agree to follow the Strathmore Happy Gang Covid 19 process. This will be printed on the back of their Membership Card.

Re-Opening Information Document

Printouts will be placed on a table for each member to pick up when your membership is purchased.

Everyone must be a member to participate in any activity or event.

Entering the Hall

Upon entering the Hall, Sanitize hands – continue to observe Covid 19 processes.

Ensure that your activity leader has you checked in to your Co-Hort group. This must be done every time.


Using the sanitizer at the door, sanitize before entering, wash hands when finished and then sanitize again before entering activity room.

Activity Leaders

Before leaving hall, check washrooms, wipe down sink, door handles with disinfectant.



Card and Mahjong Players

You are each a Co-Hort Group

Cards and Tiles need to remain dormant for three days between usages. Place them in your storage area ready for your next game.

Pool Players

You are a Co-Hort Group

Exercise Groups

You are a Co-Hort Group.



We Ask That Common Sense Be Used For All Activities – Try To Keep Everyone Safe!